Goodbye old scooter! In three months, the road killer old scooter will be eliminated!
Goodbye, old scooter! In three months, the old scooter of the road killer will withdraw from the stage of history!
On March 23, the minutes of the low-speed electric vehicle standard-setting meeting led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was released, officially confirming the official release of the national standard for low-speed electric vehicles in September. This also means that the old scooters that have been widely developed will be subject to strict supervision.
Many people always say that the most dangerous thing is the car. The old scooters can bring convenience to the elderly and should not be prohibited from being on the road. But if you see the latest video of the collision between the old scooter and the Hongguang mini EV in some media, I believe you will take back your words. To put it bluntly, don’t you just want to save some money? In order to save money, can we ignore the safety of the elderly? There are now a large number of old scooters worth 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, all of which meet the automobile production standards. The average old scooter also costs 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. Are you short of this ten thousand yuan?
It is also said that most of the accidents caused by cars are completely concealed, and the number of possessions is not comparable? The car has a license plate and insurance. In the event of an accident, it can be held accountable and compensated. Who will pay for the old scooter accidents?
The reason why old scooters are road killers is that they don’t need a driver’s license and can be used as long as they are bought. No matter whether they are healthy or not, they cannot understand or understand the traffic rules, and can drive on the road with imposing vigor, causing countless accidents, such as retrograde running red lights, changing lanes, turning without lights, etc.
So, how should we standardize the scooter industry in the old age?
It is understood that in the national low-speed electric vehicle standard, the old-age scooter will be defined as a low-speed electric vehicle. Some main indicators include:
1. Length, width and height shall not exceed 3500 * 1500 * 1700 mm, and the service quality shall not exceed 750 kg
2. Cancel the trunk capacity requirement
3. Increase the safety requirements after collision. The frontal crash test speed is 40km/h, and the requirements for side and rear crashes are the same as those of traditional vehicles
4. Relax the maximum speed and endurance requirements. The top speed is 40-70 kilometers per hour in 30 minutes, no cruising range is required
5. Increase the specific power requirement to 10-20kw/T
6. Improve battery energy density requirements, not less than 70wh/kg
In addition, the miniature low-speed pure electric passenger vehicles defined by the new national standard cannot be equipped with lead-acid batteries and cannot obtain positive points for new energy vehicles. There are also corresponding regulations for tires, stability, starting acceleration performance, climbing performance and low temperature starting performance.
The release of the new standard will undoubtedly put pressure on the extensive development of scooters in the old age, and the addition of A00 pure electric vehicles will also provide consumers with more choices. After all, it is produced in accordance with automobile standards and is much safer. Don't buy an old scooter just to save money.
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