Why are old scooters banned in some places?
I believe that on the streets before, people can see this kind of four-wheeled electric vehicle. It does not need to install a license plate, and it can keep out the wind and rain. It is commonly known as "Old Man Le". This kind of thing that looks like a car is not a means of transportation for cars. It is very popular with aunts and grandpas. Because the price is low, you can pick up your baby to buy food, and you don’t need to take a driver’s license, it quickly became popular in the market. However, with the increase in the number of such vehicles, the old scooters often have traffic accidents. Therefore, relevant departments have begun to pay attention to the problem of scooters in the old age. In recent years, many places have strictly prohibited them from traveling. Then, a netizen asked: "Is it because the old scooters are not allowed to drive on the road because of non-compliance with the traffic rules?" In this regard, a person familiar with the matter said: It is all because of these points.
According to a person familiar with the matter, it is true that older scooters are forbidden on the road, and non-compliance with traffic rules is just one of the reasons. Because this kind of scooter does not need to go to a driving school to test a driver's license, nor does it need to apply for insurance, so those elderly consumers do not know the traffic rules at all, and their safety awareness is very poor. There are even some old people, whether they are red or green, bowing their heads and running wildly. Some people turn a blind eye to traffic laws, parking illegally, occupying fast lanes, and not giving way. So much so that most people have colored glasses for old scooter.
The second is about the production source of the old scooters. To be honest, this field is not as standardized and unified as the automotive industry. If there is no industry standard, can the quality and safety of the products produced be guaranteed? And how strong can a car be built for tens of thousands of dollars, or even thousands of dollars? Moreover, when Bian Xiao sorted out the data, he found that as long as the accidents related to the old scooters in the past few years, the old scooters were basically the kind that was smashed into pieces. The manufacturer only makes money, leaving the trouble to the buyer.
Finally, although the speed of the old scooter is not high, it has reached the standard of a motor vehicle. Without a license, without a license, it is really difficult to manage violations. Also, because this model is a "three nos" product, it causes those users to run red lights, violate regulations, and even go backwards unscrupulously. If discovered by the traffic police, it can only be a verbal criticism and education. Therefore, in order to completely solve this phenomenon and create a safe and beautiful driving environment, the relevant departments have gradually banned these illegally produced, illegally sold, and illegally driven products.
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